Texas State Representative Senfronia Thompson Gives Her "Little Dog" Report From The State Capitol

Friday, March 06, 2009

Welcome Back!

I would first like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I trust that everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday season. 2009 is officially here and in full swing with our 81st Texas Legislative Session well underway. This session has been very eventful so far and I am hopeful that it will continue in this exciting positive manner.

The Texas House of Representatives has a new Speaker, Representative Joe Straus R- San Antonio. To be honest, when I first heard that Representative Straus had been chosen by a group of his peers to run for the Speaker of the Texas House, I was surprised and even a little shocked. Yet, as I reflected on this decision, the more this choice seemed like the correct choice. I am excited about working with our new speaker and I know that together we will make this state, even greater.

In addition, I have been appointed as the new Chair of Local and Consent Calendars Committee. (Click for news article.) The Local and Consent Calendars Committee is a procedural committee that is responsible for bills and resolutions that affect only local issues and are uncontested. Working on this important procedural committee is a challenge that I welcome and look forward to tackling.

Please continue to check back for updates on the 81st Legislative Session.