Texas State Representative Senfronia Thompson Gives Her "Little Dog" Report From The State Capitol

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Bills to look out for

Bill filing deadline is quickly approaching. (March 13, 2009 at 6:00 pm) This coming Friday will be the last day for all legislators to file bills for this session. Currently, I have filed a total of 49 pieces of legislation, and anticipate filing several more before the deadline. I invite you all to visit the Texas Legislature Online website to keep track of issues that are important to you.

Below you will find a handful of the legislation that I have filed this session which I think are important for all my constituents to keep track of:

House Bill 639- Human Trafficking
House Bill 788- Innocence Commission
House Bill 1152- The applicability of the death penalty to persons with mental retardation.
House Bill 1378- Electricity expenses relating to weather related events or natural disasters.
House Bill 1489- Nurse-to-patient ratios
House Bill 1572- Improper Debt Collection
House Bill 1574- Creation of a statewide autism spectrum disorders resource center.
House Bills 1760 & 2595- Foreclosures

Please check back often for updates.


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