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Monday, May 14, 2007

Summer Programs

Here is a suggestion for some summer fun. The deadlines are quickly approaching, so I suggest you look into these programs as soon as possible. I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day and be on the look out for more end of session updates.

Dear High Achieving High School Student,

You have been identified as a high achieving high school student with the potential to participate in college Honors courses and compete for national and university based academic scholarships. It is for this reason that we are inviting you to attend our annual Summer Honors Invitational Program (SHIP). The program is free of charge and if you are not able to obtain transportation to campus we will provide it for you. Please download and print the invitation brochure found at: Fill it out and mail or fax it to our office.

This FREE program is designed for students like yourself who will be high school Seniors next year (2007-2008 school year) to encourage and prepare you to attend college. We are partnering with different organizations and individuals from Texas A&M and your community to provide this program.
Participants will learn about: majors and careers, time management, personality profiles, good study habits, applying for college, applying for financial aid, and much more. While in College Station the seniors will tour Texas A&M University and visit with various colleges and departments.

We also have other summer enrichment camp opportunities available for high achieving students 7th - 12th grade. We ask that you spread the word and inform students in your communities, schools and family about these opportunities. Please visit the following websites for more information: ASI (Aggie Summer Institute - 7th-12th graders) SEI (Summer Enrichment Initiative - 10th-12th graders)

If you have any questions, please contact me at (979) 862-3926 or for more information about ASI or Narietha Carter at (979) 845-1336 or for more information about SEI or SHIP. We look forward to providing the students in your community an opportunity to learn about applying for college, financial aid and much more.

Margaret Allen-Romero
Narietha Carter
Manager of Special Projects
Community Relations Coordinator