Texas State Representative Senfronia Thompson Gives Her "Little Dog" Report From The State Capitol

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

HB 3373

Human trafficking is a grievous and widespread problem in our nation and state. The first of my six bills, House Bill 3373, concerning this heinous issue was heard yesterday in the Committee on Licensing and Administrative Procedures. H.B. 3373 simply requires certain establishments with alcoholic beverage permits to post notices regarding the offense of human trafficking. These notices include a phone number to the national human trafficking hotline. This is just one step in the right direction. For the victims of and witnesses to human trafficking these signs serve as informative opportunities that will provide for a better way to help our law enforcement officials find and prosecute traffickers.

The bill was well received by the committee and voted out of the Committee on Licensing and Administration unanimously and sent to the Local and Consent Calendar. I anticipate that it will pass out of the House with ease. I am pushing for a hearing on my remaining Human trafficking bills, which have been sent to the Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence.


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